we should know how to handle not only success but also  success alongwith the failures , they have to face the problem. problem should not become the main obstacle of the individual or a project chief music!!!music!!!!the project chief should become the captain of the problems and defeat the problem and (succeed by learning) ,(it gives creativity),(creativity leads to thinking),(it provides knowledge),(knowledge makes u great), history has proven, history has proven that those who dared to imagine the impossible !Are the one who break all the human limitations in every field of human endeavour whether science medicine ,sports, arts and technology the names are the people who imagined the impossible are engraved in our history by breaking the limits of their imaginations by breaking the limits of their imaginations they changed the world u take CV Raman, u take Newton u take EINSTEIN u take Chandrashakera by breaking the limits of their imaginations they change the world if you want be discoverers if you want to be innovaters . i am going to give you what type of characteristic you must have invention and discoveries have illuminated from creative mind that have been constantly working and imagine  , thereby leading to invention & discoveries Sir!  Well!succeed in Life ,you have to do four things okay!1. Great Aim!GREAT AIM!!!I will have GREAT AIM!!1i will have GREAT AIM!! ,ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE CONTINUOUSLY,  DO HARD WORK ,  PERSEVERE AND SUCCEED OKAY .THAT THE MANTRA . my teacher in 5th class when he enter to the class room and we use to see the radiation knowledge from him  when he enters the class room my teacher i see RADIATION OF PURITY OF LIFE!,the way he taught , i my dream got shaped , teacher gave me way of life and the vision of my life whenever say young fellow now a teacher has got a fantastic opportunity to grow minds to and give the dreams to young people and mature the dream with them and they will become great human being sometimes they will become better than you but better than the teacher so that opportunity you have I will have great aim I will continuously acquire knowledge I will do hard work I will Persevere and succeed

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