Life is beautiful - A Story

Life is beautiful

                       Life is beautiful 

Part-2-Life is beautiful 

As we all know that change is the law of nature. The same needs to be followed in our lives as well. So a question arises, as how we can bring these changes in our lives. As we know, that we all are growing, there was a day when we were born, having 2 to 3 kgs of weight 1 to 2 feet of height, etc. But now, we have gained everything that includes the weight of our body, height,etc. So here is a continuous change in our lives. On the other hand, when we talk about our working behaviour or behaviour towards being the healthy. It leaves so many questions, as whether we are doing such type of things that leads us towards  happiness or not? whether we are doing such  regular practices that includes  exercises, physical as well as mental, in order to improve our physical as well as mental strength. Answer is..... only a very few.       

Life is beautiful - continue

Then how we can bring up with happy lives. If everything under the Ambit of nature is on its change, then it is not like that, as if, it was that much easier. Same needs to be performed at the individual level, in order to maintain the balance in our lives. If everyone will do regular exercises, then body will be fit enough. No illness, no need of any doctor to visit. It's the food, which also needs to be like, which is suitable for our body. But not as, whatever it is?  needs to be   swallowed. So if we do these very simple things, then life automatically takes into a kind of balance. Balance in every aspect of our life. Whether it is the relations or in the office, everywhere it requires the balance. Then it comes is the time table, as things should be done at a particular time. as I will say a few, we should leave bed by 04:00, breakfast by 07:00 hours, lunch by 13:00 and dinner by 1800 hours, also to be there on the bed by 2030 hours. So when you follow these simple things, then there  automatically comes the balance in our life that leads us to a life of more happiness.

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Life is beautiful