Life is Beautiful


A labourer starts his day with hard and end with the same. He never ask for huge like wealth, money, property, etc. But on the other hand, above the labourer, Almost all are not happy. They all are distressed, unhappy, filled with anger, illness, etc. Now the question arises, why a labour is so healthy, happy and blessed? but other than him,Almost people are not as happy as they ought to be. Here is an answer to life's very big question.( happiness versus tension). To go for something, I mean, if one wants to achieve something in his or her life. Then, it requires pay for the same. How it can be. It requires to run away from the materialistic things. Which includes money, wealth, property, etc. As almost, all are busy in thinking like this, as how they will achieve big and will become a billionaire. Always busy in such plannings and others include greed of having more & more . Actually, when one goes for the above mentioned things. Then greed automatically comes in,and that greed does not allow a man towards thinking about the right. Actually, we suppose to live like as if we are going to live forever. But first we must know the reality, and then we need to be helping hand to those, who actually need help, then to invest on children's education. Now question arises, why a labour is so happy and so healthy. It is why? very simple! because he is not living with such type of wishes, that are there in, other than the labourer. Which includes property, money, bungalow etc. The Labourer only work to run his family. Having wishless, no overthinking, no anger, no ego, etc. that leads to peaceful life. Peace is another name of happiness,beauty,etc.  As there is a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

(Part-II will come very soon)