In this novel we will understand How small things affect whole life, It is Fiction Family Drama and it jumps between 1969 to 1993 , Novel clear about the truth of Emotions that who should be loved and how and also how much.

The Story starts from a town in kerala (Ayemenem) , In 1969 there was a wealthy Christan Family in this town. Brother (Estha) and Sister(Rahel) live with Ammu Mother (Mammachi) and Ammu brother's name is Chacko .Baby Kochamma(aunt of Chacko) live with them.
In past Mamachi married with Pappachi . Pappachi do study of insects, but he was not a good husband he always beat Mammachi , so Mammachi left him at that time Chacko went to England for study in Oxford , there he met Margaret and soon marry her , Margaret gave birth to Daughter but soon she left chacko because she want to marry joe and she did . After this incident Chacko came to his town ther Ammu marry to Baba but Baba was not good man he beats Ammu but Ammu stay with him. Ammu gave birth to twins Estha and Rahul . One day Baba said Ammu to sleep with his Boss but she refused then beat her and she came to her town . 

Velutha, a low caste young boy work in their factory and at that time Chacko came to know that Joe died and got opportunity to call Margaret and his daughter to his Town for Holidays.They all went to Airport and on the way they watch a Movie(Sound of music) in Theatre . Next day they bring Margaret and Sophie to their Town . In Theatre Estha frightened from a orange drink seller so Rahel took him to history house because they love each other.Twist came in story , Ammu attracted towards Velutha and met at that night with him and intimate. For next two weeks both met at night and intimate.After few days Velutha father came to Mammachi and said that your daughter is in relationship and Mammachi and Baby Kochamma was totally against it and rejected the marriage proposal of  both. They locked Ammu in a room , at that time Estha and Rahul decided to run away along with Sophie . while they were going on boat to their History house , on the way their Boat turned down and Sophie die there . Both went to history house and Velutha was also there. Baby Kochamma thought of a plan and she went to Police Station and lied to Inspector Thomass Methew that Velutha tried to rape Ammu and Kidnaped Esthe and Rahel . Inspector send six Policemen and found Velutha. they brutally beat Velutha infront of Estha and Rahel and arrest him . soon Thomas Methew found Velutha innocent and Baby Kochamma guilty and warned her. Baby Kochamma again force Estha to lie that Velutha killed Sophie but soon news came that Velutha died in jail. Baby Kochamma said chacko tha your sister Ammu was trying to safe killer of your daughter Sophie and suggested him to throw her out of House , He did the same. Estha again went to Baba with no choice and Rahel was with Ammu. Both separated from each other for the first time and after long time of Years Estha came to his town and at that time Ammu was no more.Rahel married an American boy but he gave divorce . In 1993 , both met each other and at that time Mammachi aslo died . Baby Kochamma spend time by watching movies with her cook. Also at that time their History house was converted into Five Star Hotel . In these years they found no one to understand them like they both understand each other , In the End of the story they loved each other and intimated .