Power of positivity

It is all that the positivity can do. The wonders of the positivity are unimaginable, only one can feel by going through the real experiences. Today for the sake of happiness, wealth, health,etc. A man is ready to do 'n' number of things.Which actually doesn't require at all.But the fact is that, having the positive approach in every walk of our life leads us towards a super-power, by which one can do wonders.Suppose in your experience, you come with an encounter of anger.If at that point of time, by receiving the vibes of the other person.You  also start reacting at that point of time. Your mind starts working on the negative aspects and a block on the positive end. So if you will remain positive, then positive replies.If no anger, no tussle, only happiness. So same the things, if one applies with positivity. Then that power of each day counts and a big credit of positivity there in the pocket, and that will work during the worst of the worst situations. Every man has been born with extraordinary powers.  But all those powers can only be realised by following the approach of positivity. It's all that actually counts. Achieving the goal, by any means does not guarantee one happiness. It requires good things to happen. But if the achievement of the goal is by positive means, then that is the real success, as after practicing of all those things. Positivity leads to a 'n' number of powers in an individual. And such powers help an individual in every walk of life. Life is all about the power of positive structures. Positive power is the real  power. As that leads to a successful life.