Journey of a soldier

The one, who decided to defend the nation from the enemies. while leaving his family and friends, face so many challenges everyday. Play with his life for the sake of his motherland,India. This is the story of Mr Ram Singh, who belonged to the state of Uttar Pradesh(India). He was very dedicated & committed towards his goal in joining the Indian Army  as a soldier & finally in the year 2013 at the age of 18 years, he joined Indian Army as a soldier (sipahi general duty). He just completed his class 12th class when he got into Indian army in December 2012, a recruitment rally was held in his district, and he also appeared, and he got first in race, while running he was feeling like as if he was leading his country in the Olympics and after running, documentation, medical examination and written examinations were held. & he finally got selected in the year 2013 & he got joining letter on 26th day of March, 2013 that day he was very happy.  & his joining date was 2nd April 2013 and when he left home he was very happy & feeling proud for stepping out to defend his motherland. And while leaving home  his mother's eyes were filled with tears, but no doubt the same with him, but that  were the tears of happiness for getting selected to defend his motherland, India. The last words of his mother "beta apna dhyan rakhna"    "dear son take care of yourself".   In the last words of his father "beta kabhi haar ke wapis mat aana"  "never get back as a looser" while touching the feet of his parents, he left his home along with his friend Raju after the  journey of two days, he finally reached his training centre at Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir).He has never gone to Srinagar before this, but he was experiencing coldness, but after two days the training was started & he was best in almost every event, & then after the completion of basic training, he got back home and his mother hugged him and said "mera beta"  "my son"  and then father. He again got back to the  training centre with his friend Raju, left on the way. After the completion of training, he was posted at kokrajhar, Assam. In that area, No one knows, when the fire can be opened and at which side? Nobody knows, who is going to die?but Mr Ram Singh was very confident & bold. He was in night shift duty at about 2330 hours, firing started at a distance of around 200metres and about 4 naxalites  surrounded him &  ask Mr Ram Singh to allow them to enter the gate or they will kill him, he clearly said, "whatever you want to do, you can do, but I will not allow you to go inside" said  with full confidence. "If you think that you are more powerful, you can hit me, but it would be your mistake to step in, as you are nothing before me, I can do whatever I want to do, I can kill you all at once," at the same moment, he threw a grenade and killed two naxalites and rest two ran away. Mr Ram Singh was a very brave soldier, always used to have grenade  with him, and this grenade taught an excellent lesson to the naxalites, that Indian Army is very dangerous for them and they can do, whatever they want to do, and then this news reached to shift IC (In-charge) and other officials including the unit incharge. & then  Mr Ram Singh relieved from the duty and the very next day he was rewarded. and after 2 years of his duty in kokrajhar.He was posted in Kashmir, Anantnag famous for terrorist activities and there he participated in many operations & killed so many terrorists. Once while in an ongoing operation no ammunition left with him, see what he did?Mr Ram Singh by crawling reached near the enemy with full of courage, red blooded, and then with the help of knife(Boynet of rifle) beheaded two militants and the operation ended. See the courage of Mr Ram Singh.
 what he said in an interview.
I  meant for my motherland India. Even if I lose my life. For me, my country is the first & then my parents and friends. In December 2019, he lost his life while fighting with the terrorists in Kashmir's Sopore area in that fight, he alone killed four militants, with grenade, while reaching at a distance of about 20 feet only. He threw a grenade and four militants were killed, as he never took leave during  5 years of his service, as he decided to defend his motherland. He is a source of inspiration for those, who want to join Indian armed forces. Our country needs such soldiers and that leads India towards the most powerful nation of the world. But it is also the duty of every citizen to respect every to respect t every uniformed personnel deployed for the defence and other security purposes of our nation Even at borders, we are within the territories at different places, same the conditions of every soldier in othe forces as well which includes Air force Indian Navy Central armed police forces which includes border security force, Central reserve Police force,Indo- Tibetan Border Police, Sashastra Seema Bal, Central industrial security force & Assam rifles. It is also the duty of every citizen  to understand this that our country India won't be like this, as it is today! If our soldiers will not perform their duties like this as Mr Ram Singh did.
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their whole lives for the sake of Nation. They also have families, friends.... But when it comes to the defence or security of the nation, they never compromise with it.....
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