Conserving the  Environment

We are living in fast & furious world. Where things goes on changing very fast.As we are in hurry always, as we assume,  not even a single second is supposed to get wasted. But in actual, we are doing nothing great.As far as environment is concerned, nothing greater is being done.Majority is busy in accumulation of wealth, property, for the sake of a happier life or the life with full of enjoyment. But the reality is far away. As for the sake of developmental works like roads, buildings and even other construction activities.We cut down  the trees and never think upon this, to grow a new one. As we never give attention towards this, that what is the role of trees in our life. How we are living? No answer / No thinking over it. But this deal does not make any sense at all. If we will be continue doing things like this, then our survival will come under the ambit  of great danger or the death, not far away or simply say "The End" of the game of life. Today's man is running for getting satisfaction, which is being tried to get from materialistic things, like making beautiful houses, buying mercedes, having servants to serve, security guards etc but no attention towards the protection or conservation of forests, environment etc. Even degradation at major level is  being done by these  type  of people (above mentioned). For their personal use or benefits. But the situation right now is that it is the right time for the man to get a awakened, as it is the duty to maintain the environment including forests, rivers &  even also to be aware for the best use of dustbin and after that disposal of that waste at the right place. which can't be brought only by spreading awareness, but the thing is that, it has to be done by showing the value of the clean environment.If the environment, we live in! is cleaned, and then we can be healthy enough. & then we have no need to pay huge to the doctors for the treatment. As we will become healthy enough, we become an asset for our Nation, as that leads a nation towards development. As we are  busy in the competition of buying new-new vehicles, cars and that leads to  Air pollution.( Instead we should use by getting together or two or more friends in a car) & cities like delhi is the worst in india when we talk about the  air quality index(AQI). it has crossed over 500 AQI in many places in Delhi. So awareness can't do wonders alone, it requires support of value/ importance of life, so it can be done with the help of spreading the awareness regarding the value/importance of life. it can also help to stop the degradation of beautiful natural  environment and this can be done  only by teaching the importance of life. So finally "This is the right time to get awakened, if not now,then never"!